Enable popups when QuickBooks doesn’t launch

Enable popups when QuickBooks doesn’t launch

Unblock popups in Chrome and Firefox

If you are logging into for the first time or are on a new computer, you may find that you are unable to launch QuickBooks or your other applications. The first thing to do is check if your Citrix Receiver is installed. You will find it listed as Citrix Receiver on the Start Menu under Programs or under your Applications on a Mac. If the receiver is installed, this issue is likely due to the browser your using blocking the popups needed to launch these applications. If the receiver is not installed.

Here is how you can unblock them.

After clicking to launch QuickBooks, you’ll see an icon with a red X through it at the end of the address bar (see sample image below). Click on the puzzle piece, and choose to always allow popups from portal.swizznet.com

In the top right corner, click on the icon with the 3 lines to open the menu (see sample image below). From there, select Add-ons and then the plugins tab on the left side of that page. Change the drop-down option to “Always Activate” for any plugin that has Citrix in the name.

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